Mitchel Musso and Emily Osment out having dinner together!

Last night co-stars Mitchel Musso and Emily Osment had dinner together, which I love! But wouldn’t dinner have been so much more fun with Miley, Jason and Moises Arias there too? Anyway, different sources say that Mitchel and Emily are just really good friends — nothing more!

Emily Osment Lands “Kiss Me” Movie Role

Emily Osment has announced that she has landed a part in a movie. The movie is titled “Kiss Me“. The story follows a teen named Zoe (Bolger), forced to wear a back brace to deal with her scoliosis as she navigates relationships with her mother, her best friend and a married man (Corbett) whose kids she babysits. Continue reading

December 5th – Advent calendar

I did this last year and I thought I’d do it this year as well! : ) so this is what I like to call a surfme advent calendar! Basically I’ll update presents each day for you to download etc. There are films, music and more! Click for more to see today’s present! Continue reading