Noah Lindsey Cyrus & Emily Grace Reaves, New Stars?

noah-emily-bathing-beauties13Noah Lindsey Cyrus & Emily Grace Reaves, with Emily’s dog Bunny, pose for the cameras at Brittany Curran’s Retro 50’s Poolside Bash on Saturday, May 30 in Burbank sporting Juicy Couture vintage bathing suits. The two friends filmed an episode of their Noei and Ems Show at the party. So pretty!”







credits; ([info]charmingmistake)

10 responses to “Noah Lindsey Cyrus & Emily Grace Reaves, New Stars?

  1. awe there so cute : ) i love there bags πŸ˜› there not dresses/shirts there swimsuits..juicy couture to be exact lol there both so pretty..emily has niice eyes

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  3. Dang, A 8 year old drinking Red Bull!! & I’m 15 and i cant drink RB.
    3rd picture ,NOAH looks like Mileyy[;
    Emily looks like a plastic doll.. x)

  4. They are so so cute I want a friend just like one of them I read and learn about them and they are so sweet. They have the noie and ems show on and They’ve been friends since they were 2 and 3 and now they are 8 and 9 o and they have theyre own fashion line I am 10 and I am just like noah cyrus because I want to be a singer/actress and I am like ems because I have a fashoin line but its not out yet

  5. Soooooooooooooooooo ADORABLE!~But Emily Grace looks fatter than Noah….Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha h ah ah ha ha ha ha h ah ah ha ha ha!!!!!!!I wanted to be an actress !I am !people here go to and vote there and be a member!The people who becomes a member and vote , i will give a special present for he or her !Just give a email!~

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