Niall Horan cried when he saw photoshopped “smoking” picture

– Recently a picture of One Direction member Niall Horan have been going around. In the picture Niall is holding something that looks like a cigarette while staring out of the window. The photo has been confirmed fake by the person who made it, and he was in fact holding a PEN not a cigarette.

The rumors say that Niall Horan cried when he saw the picture. So no, he is not a smoker. And he feels very upset that someone would photoshop a picture like that. He even got a few questions from his family members. The people who saw these pictures commented, “this is so disrespectful of the person who made it! I can’t believe it” and “I feel so bad for Niall. He’s so sweet. He doesn’t deserve all this hate

Hopefully these horrible rumors will ‘die’ fast!

124 responses to “Niall Horan cried when he saw photoshopped “smoking” picture

    • I feel SOOOOOOOOOOOOO BAD FOR HIM!!!!!!!! Niall if ur reading this I would love you no matter what I ❀ one direction

  1. Why does everybody hate on niall?! do u realize that he is thinking about leaving 1d?! #stoptheniallhate #niallisbeautiful

  2. Personally I think he does smoke if you watched the video you’ll understand but also here it says its photoshopped of the guys hand rotated but even if it’s rotated the cigarette shouldn’t be facing that way. Also a person said they sent a email asking why Niall was smoking and they sent back “He isn’t he was specifically biting a pen”. So why does this picture have two stories and a cigarette facing the wrong way?

  3. wtf niallhoran doesnt smoke that is bull i love u and if u did i dont care ur mine ILY ❀ NIALL JAMES HORAN .. MULLINGAR

  4. It’s PHOTOSHOP. That’s so mean that people would do that to such a sweet, amazing guy! What did he ever do to you! Nothin that’s right nothin but then you go and do that! What kind of human are you?!? Niall crude when he seen this because he doesn’t like smokes! And plus the fact that his family questioned him about it would of broken his poor heart 😦 </3 poor Niall

  5. It’s PHOTOSHOP. That’s so mean that people would do that to such a sweet, amazing guy! What did he ever do to you! Nothin that’s right nothin but then you go and do that! What kind of human are you?!? Niall criedwhen he seen this because he doesn’t like smokes! And plus the fact that his family questioned him about it would of broken his poor heart 😦 </3 poor Niall

  6. I am so sad that someone would do that to him because i love Niall so much and i
    know he would not do some thing like that.
    ❀ Niall ❀

  7. like seriusly even if he did smoke id still luv him and thats gay if people wanna photosshop a pic and make him cry thats juz stupid rude and wrong!

  8. Those people need to realize everybody has feelings. Its is odviously photoshopped. When I toke a quick glance yes I did think he was smoking but I looked at closer and realized it was rotated diffrently. I know what people look like when they smoke. My mom and stepdad do. Yes, it does suck. Plus NIall is such a cuttie:3.. Its odvious he would NEVER do that. And even if he does smoke I will still love him. I love you little Irish Boy(;

  9. Awww poor Niall:((((((
    What kind of sick person would want to do this to him?! Well guess what it made him cry and he got questions from family members about it>:( If I ever meet this stupid person….>:(
    And by the way I love you Niall<333333

  10. Sorry Niall, All your fans know u dont smoke. Sometimes you cant believe what others say keep your head up ❀ Love you ❀

  11. i will still love you even if you smoke. but at least u didn’t. you will forever be my favorite no matter what πŸ™‚ luv u still ❀

  12. ok first off u do not to that to my bestfriend gosh u people need to grow up. even adk my cuzin liam he knows niall wouldnt do that i live niall.

    • wht is ur name?!! is Liam REALLY ur cuzin?!! cuz if he is u r one REALLY lucky girl!! but u do need to stop bragging!! and if he is NOT than stop making up stupid stuff!! it’s not right!! and plz tell me the truth! I HATE liers!!!!!

    • your such a liar your not even his cousin ur just doing that to get attention if you were really his cousin u would give me his real # but saddly u cant because ur just a fuckin liar(: have a nice day.. and people will never believe you and ik liam wouldnt wana be realted to a thing like u!!!! poor niall I ❀ U ❀

  13. People who think that this is photoshopped need to learn a little something about Photoshop. The guy in the second picture’s angles are all wrong to be the same hand as that in Niall’s picture. Look at the wrist: Niall’s is rotated; the other guy’s is not. Look at the finger’s: Niall’s are against his palm, the other guy’s are not.

    So Niall smokes. It’s not the best decision he’s ever made, but give him a break. He gives you music you love. The least you can do is allow him to live his life as he wants to live it.

    • ya he gives us music tht we LOVE, but smoking could KILL U!!! it also gives u cancer!!! so Niall, if ur reading this I just want to say: I m not sure if this is true or not but if u DO smoke. u need to quit! TONS of fans r gonna be extremely dissappointed in u if this is true!! and if later in life end up DYING because u smoked there r ginna b some REALLY EXTREMLY sad fans. like for example if u die then I might kill myself because u guys make me
      happy when I’m sad or something I listen to ur music and look at pics of u guys but if I find ur dead………..

  14. That is so mean! Why ruin his career? He didn’t do anything. He seems like a really nice sweet guy. The person who did this probably has no life. I feel sooooo bad for Niall. I think he is amazing and my favorite in the band. He would never in his life smoke! He does a great job in 1D. I love you Niall! xoxoxoxo<3

  15. Niall- I know you didn’t smoke. If you read this, I just want u to no that it was very wrong for that person to do that to u. i am not going to say it was a “gay” thing to do, because gay could mean happy or ur a man that is into another man. not photoshopping a pic that isn’t true. i love u Niall…btw my ex ;( bf got me a girrafe stufffed animal cuz he new it was my fave then i gave it back to him…then he did sumtin really really mean to me…ik how it feels to be called sumting u rnt (gay lesbian girl/boy) it hurts, dont listen to them…stick to ur friends.

  16. in hate whoever said or still sais this about niall he is a sweet and innocent guy and he knows that would ruin his career for ever he smoked rock on Niall

  17. why would some one do that Niall has a great guy and i for one would know that he would never smoke the person that made this rumor should be feeling very guilty (i hope it wasn’t Kevin Louis would be ashamed if it was).
    PS one direction you are my idols.

  18. This is very very ridiculous. I’m not a 1d fan(i have no opinion on them) nor am i a fangirl but really? thats kinda cruel… Just saying i feel sorry for him.

  19. That is terrible. Niall is my favorite out of 1D. Who would do such a terrible thing to such an amazing beautifal man

  20. How would somebody do that to poor Niall they have a lot of guts they should learn a lesson it’s a pen not a ciggerete by god sake hi ever made that picture you made Niall cry do you feel good about yourself? Bc everyone on niAlls fans are probably ticked at you and very disappointed

  21. I he how people put things that are not real and I feel bad for Niall because people are so rude and Niall is so sweet and cute / hot /
    Niall don’t listen to these people!!!!!

    – Norah

  22. A friend of mine grew up with Niall and says that Niall was crying when he saw the picture because he was afraid his mom would find out that he had smoked. My friend has actually seen Niall smoking.

    Niall’s a smoker. It’s sad, but it’s not going to ruin his career. Let’s not make such a big deal about it.

  23. Niall is amazing and i would find some way to stalk him and find him and force him to stop smoking if i found out that this was real, and the sick bitch that made this better run for her life….

  24. I Already new about this, this is terrible, whoever did this is a fake no good for nothing person! Niall Horan is amazing, I Love you Niall<3

  25. I searousily hate the person that did that who do they think they are putting some freakin fake pic of Niall smoking when actually he is not. WTF. Feel so bad for Niall but atleast we all know that the pic is fake.

  26. Stupid Directionaters!!!!!! LEAVE POOR NIALL ALONE!!!! wht is ur problem??!!! seriously! just cuz u probably have gotten picked on b4 dosnt give the right to do it to someone as sweet and caring as Niall!!! actually it gives u even less of a right considering the fact tht u know wht it feels like!!!! so, JUST STOP!! Niall is perfect in my eyes and even if he DOES smoke which he dosnt! I would still love him anyways!!!!!!!!

  27. naill i love u and i think its sad some one one do than and make u cry the poor guy and kitten i agrey with u naills great he wouldend smoke i mean who would think he would

  28. i thought he was smoking but i lookd closley and its clearly a pen naill would never smoke who ever done this needs to realise naill isint a robot he has feallings and to think thay made him cry ps;i live in irlan and hes defo the cutest in irland actually never mind irland the whle world

  29. Ok first of all whoever did this to Niall has no life and is an idiot. Niall would never smoke!!! Second of all yes this picture is photoshopped.Think about this. Why? Why be a cyberbully and a hater when you could be better? THINK FOR GOD’S SAKE THINK!!!!

  30. Omg I’m so happy this is fake I was freaking out but now I know that he would never do that but breaks my heart that zayn Malik is doing that its sad and bad for your health I hope it won’t effect his singing career

  31. niall says he didnt smoke so i believe him and for all you people saying “oh no niall” or “he would never do that” or “the person who made this is a sereiously bad person” well you never know who it was so they cant be that bad of a person unless u know who it is and and for them just to go off and take a picture of someone that they know isnt true they are just doing that for attention if you guys really love niall you would know that it was just a pen and that he wasnt smoking and if he was to ever smoke who cares its his life not yours just becaus he is in one direction dosent mean some people haveto have the latest news on him ever single day he is 18 he is justa kid let him be niall for a change…. Love You Niall(: ❀ xoxoxox

  32. Omg I love Niall and he is so sweet it hurts me when he cries or gets upset he just so adorable whenever he gets upset I just want to find him and give him a big big loving hug!😍

  33. I love niall horan so much I’m his number
    One fan and I feel sorry for him and also
    If I could meet niall horan it would like
    a miracle cause I love niall

  34. I cried ALOT when i saw this picture of niall. i was heartbroken that he was smoking, i didnt wanna loose our little nialler<3 Im SOOOOO relived that it was a huge rumor.!!! thank god(: xxx

  35. I knew this pic was photoshopped when i saw it,i knew better than for niall horan to smoke,first niall and now louis with tinnitis,i hope all the hate will stop for the lads…

  36. Guys don’t feel bad for me I just was holding a pen and i am fine look at my tumbler if ou will!!!!!!!!! So from Niall Horan πŸ˜ƒ

  37. Oh my god, niall would never smoke.! hes too amazing and better than that. i know that niall would never ever smoke. and i feel sooooo bad for him. what hes going through must really bring him down. i know if someone did that to me it would bring me down. but niall if your reading this, im soooo sorry and i feel soooo bad for you. i just want you to know whatever happens you are stong enough to get through it<3
    i even cried when i read about it because the person who made it up should feel terrible for doing this to you.!
    I LOVE YOU NIALL WITH ALL MY HEART!<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  38. Thats just rotten to say Niall was smoking. Now do you you feel great, making Niall cry. Niall doesn’t deserve it what did he do, nothing to you obvious. LEAVE NIALL ALONE!!!!!!!!!!

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  40. The person who made this should be ashamed! Why do people have to hate on Niall? He’s a wonderful person. What has he done that makes people give him loads of hate? Niall doesn’t deserve hate. I love Niall!

  41. It says that it was CONFIRMED by the person who made it that it was obviously it is.niall is so amazing and feels left out of the band and someone just had to make him feel even worse! you nialllllllllll!

  42. This is bull niall does not smoke who ever did that you should be ashamed niall is the best and he doesn’t deserve this crap from haters. And btw if you hate one you hate all. Whoever did this is a directionator. Yes, I said it, D I R E C T I O N A T O R !!!!!!! Now stop being mean cause he is perfect and doesn’t deserve all your hate. Just leave him alone. What did he do to you? And ur saying u wish he wasn’t in one direction, without him there WON’T be one direction. Watch ur words cause they can really hurt people. Not just emotional. And u think your gonna ‘marry’ one of one direction when you don’t like one of them? That isn’t going to happen anyway, but especially if you hate one of them. You can still hate but there is no need for them to have to hear it. Just keep your mouth shut because if someone said they hated you, you will properly be sad to. I LOVE YOU NIALL!!!!

  43. I thought that Niall is really smoking, still it doesn’t change how much I like him. But after seeing this, I feel so bad for him. No matter what, Directioners are here to support and love you always!

  44. I luv u Niall! ❀ Don't believe in those haters because your fans all love you…I believe that you will never ever smoke, and even if you do, I will still love you! (:

  45. How dare them!! How could they do that to cute sweet Niall. They should be ashamed of themselves. I hope there are no lasting affects on Niall from the rumor.

  46. who do something like that!!!! poor niall i luv u so……….much friend me on facebook hope ur reading this!:D

  47. Why’s everyone saying “niall wouldn’t smoke”? You don’t even know him. Personally, I wouldn’t cry if someone photopshopped a picture of me. I don’t think anyone would. And even though this picture is fake, Niall has smoked. What did you expect? Curiosity is a human characteristic. I think all of them have smoked at least once. Done drugs, even. Face it. They’re not gods. They’re not perfect. They’re just 5 young lads, with emphasis on YOUNG. Young people try things, experience things.

  48. See I knew it! He had a PEN. Get you’re facts right before u start making rumors all over the place. I love u Niall. You are the best thing that ever happend to me! LOVE U SO FRICKING MUCH NIALLER!!! ❀ ❀

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