Leona Lewis is Obsessed With Taylor Lautner!

BRITISH singer Leona Lewis fancies herself as a cougar!  The Bleeding Love hitmaker, 25, admits she has a huge crush on 17-year-old Twilight star Taylor Lautner. “I was obsessed for a while,” Leona tells Britain’s InStyle magazine for its June issue. Leona also admits she has a thing for Gossip Girl actor Chace Crawford and the “very sexy” Justin Timberlake, who reportedly put off his 28th birthday celebrations to record their duet Don’t Let Me Down until the early hours. Continue reading


Justin Bieber Has a big Crush on Tina Fey ?!

– JUSTIN Bieber was “completely taken” with Tina Fey when he appeared on Saturday Night Live with the 30 Rock star.  Backstage sources say the 16-year-old singer followed Tina around the set like a pet dog. “Justin has a serious case of puppy love,” blabbed one insider. “He followed her around backstage like a pet Labrador. It was obvious to the cast and craw that Justin is completely taken with Tina. “Even though he is young enough to be Tina’s son, she was astounded at his confidence and poise. Continue reading