Zac Efron Reveals His First Kiss


Zac Efron is currently daiting  “High School Musical” co-star Vanessa Hudgens, but he still remembers his first kiss. The actor even doesn’t mind talking about the girl who ever kissed him.

Zac opened up to Seventeen magazine about his first kiss, saying, “I want to say I was in fifth grade. It was in a tree fort.” The 21-year-old hunk explained, “It was over a game of Truth or Dare, but it turned into ‘make out with the other person’.” Continue reading

Zac Efron: Chaya Brasserie Cutie

Zac Efron

Looking ever-so-handsome, Zac Efron spotted chatting with some female friends after having lunch at Chaya Brasserie on Friday afternoon (January 9).

The “High School Musical” heartthrob then visited Warner Brother’s studios where he joined co-star girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens for a screening in Beverly Hills. (+2 more pic under and text) Continue reading

Sexy Zac Efron Levitates to Target


Zac Efron flies through the air as he pushes his full shopping cart back to his car at a local Target store in Hollywood on Thursday afternoon.

The 21-year-old actor picked up some office supplies, including a 3-drawer counter top unit and multiple desk organizers. Zac must have a lot of clutter to organize! (+ more pictures under and text) Continue reading

Zac Efron: Costco Cutie

Zac Efron

Out picking up a few household needs, Zac Efron was spotted shopping at Costco in Los Angeles, California on Saturday evening (January 3).

Always gracious to his adoring fans, the “High School Musical” hunk took a moment to chat with/pose for pictures alongside a young female supporter while finishing up the day’s errands. Continue reading

Zac Efron ate Shadows (Vanessas dog) dog-food!


The ‘High School Musical’ star snacked on some cupcakes his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens had left on the table, but was shocked to discover she had bought them for her dogs.

A source said: “Vanessa bought her pet dog Shadow some cakes from upscale pet store The Wagging Tale. She left them on the counter, and Zac ate a few.

He said that they were good, if a little bland.Continue reading