Did Liam Payne propose to girlfriend Danielle Peazer?

First the rumors about Louis/Eleanor getting engaged, and now there are rumors about Liam/Danielle! According to a few pics I found at Tumblr, it looks like Liam Payne proposed to his dancer girlfriend Danielle Peazer. The picture of them holding hands are from his Instagram (the account hasn’t been confirmed his so it can be fake). I tried to go on his twitter account to find the ‘tweet’ but I couldn’t find it (he might of deleted the tweet though).

I looked around to see what other people thought about this news, and clearly more people think this engagement was more real then the Louis/Eleanor engagement. But there were a few people who had their doubts..

That “Liam Instagram” has to be fake, because in the pics Liam and Danielle posted a few days ago, she had green nail polish on and in that picture on the Instagram, the girl’s nails were a french manicure. So I really don’t think that it’s real.”

Officialpayne1993 is not Liam on Instagram. The picture and ‘news’ about him and Danielle getting engaged is as fake as Snooki’s tan.”

I don’t think Liam’s going to get married anytime soon. Sure maybe in a few years, I think he would want to wait til things slowed down a bit more. I mean they’re going on a world tour for christ sakes.”

What do you think?

6 responses to “Did Liam Payne propose to girlfriend Danielle Peazer?

  1. if it was real they would havealready benn married by now… and some people are jerks and live of the lies they say… just stay liam and we will love you forever(: ❤ xoxoxox

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