Niall Horan apologizes for swearing at his fans

– Niall Horan has tried to make amends. The One Direction singer was berated earlier today, after a fan published a video of her meeting with him and he was seen swearing at a group of female supporters. Niall was returning home to Ireland, after a month long US tour and as he touched down in Dublin airport he met up with a crowd of fangirls. As he joked with the ladies, he shouted at them, calling them a ‘shower of c*nts’. The girls posted a video of the encounter on Youtube (you can watch it here) but defended their idol and claimed that he meant no offence.

It seems that despite what the ladies involved thought, 1D’s management weren’t happy with Niall’s behaviour, as just hours after the video was published the handsome star tweeted:

‘really sorry if I caused any offence. It was just banter with fans who I think of more as mates’

‘but I understand that it’s not a word I should be using at all’

However, it doesn’t seem like many Directioners were seriously offended by Horan’s language and one posted on Unreality TV saying:

‘If i were any of those boys i would be fed up with the constant attention and obviously Niall would’ve been tired. I dont think he meant it in a nasty way as Niall and Liam are very interactive with fans via twitter and he wouldnt take the time to do that if he didnt care about fans. we all have to remember that they are grown ups and wearing a shirt that says F**k is not a life changing situation. They all have the right to make their own choices and if they want to swear, let them! i will not make me love them any less.’

Another added:

‘Some people need to learn how to take a joke! It’s funny that he called them a shower of c***s! I laughed so hard when I saw the video! Normal people are allowd to say whatever they want, why can’t he?’

Were you shocked by Niall’s language or do you think it’s all been blown out of proportion?


3 responses to “Niall Horan apologizes for swearing at his fans

  1. I know that nialls really famous but if he’s just a normal person which he is then he should be able to say whatever he wants even if he meant offence or not if he wasn’t famous then no 1 would be making such a big deal about it!! So if niall wants to have a bit of banter i think we should all let him 😀

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