One Direction get a bit scared of their own fans sometimes

It goes without saying that without the fans, One Direction would not be where they are today, but a new interview with a US radio station has revealed that the boys get a little bit overwhelmed sometimes. Niall said: “I’m claustrophobic… I get a bit scared sometimes.”

Whilst Zayn added:

“Niall gets quite nervous.” He is also scared of pigeons ladies – don’t take it personally.”

Even US singer Camryn (who has been supporting the band on their US tour) said:

“When we were going in the gym, they literally had to block the doors with chairs. I just feel bad… they really can’t go down the street without being mobbed.”

Despite the odd scary moment, One Direction want to reassure fans they are appreciated, and Zayn explained:

“We don’t get to see (the fans) as much as we would like to any more, because of security issues.”

Finally Niall was over the moon this week when he returned home to a room decorated in 1D awards and plaques celebrating the success of the band.

Nialler weeted:

“unbelievable what you guys have done for us! When i walked up the stairs and seen all them,first thing i thought was #bestfansintheworld.”


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