Lucy Horobin confesses, ‘sex with Harry Styles was amazing’

– Lucy Horobin’s husband Oliver Pope is in ‘unimaginable pain’ since he found out she had sex with Harry Styles, reports The Sun. Oliver, who had been married to Lucy for only a year when the fling happened, is reported to have responded in disbelief: ‘Harry Styles? The little scumbag with Caroline Flack?’

Later he told a friend: ‘I was outraged. The pain was unimaginable. Not only was my wife telling me she had slept with somebody else, she was telling me it was him, Harry Styles. I was devastated. I felt every emotion, hatred, sadness, disappointment. He’s a predator.’

Lucy told friends: ‘the sex was amazing’. Footage from Harry’s visit to Manchester’s Key 103 radio station last August showed him mouthing “I love you” during Lucy’s show. He was also caught on film staring at Lucy while miming his hit What Makes You Beautiful.


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