1D ‘Up All Night’ tour ends with an amazing finale (photos)

The last gig on 1D’s HUGELY successful North American tour took place last night at the Bank Atlantic Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida – and it was an emotional night all round. Check out a few pictures below the cut of the concert.

Liam gave Niall a shoulder to cry on, quite literally, as you can see from the photo below:

Liam also tweeted a photo of 1D and all their band on-stage:

And to complete a triple header of Liam Payne twitter photos, he added this one, complete with the poignant message “Best moment you can see, when everyone takes out their phone during ‘Moments’”:

Niall tweeted the following message this weekend:

“#upallnight‬ tour is finished tomorrow forever! Gona miss it! But cant wait t put a new show together with a new album to add! ‪#worldtour‬”

Followed by this latest Tweet yesterday:

“Wow ft,lauderdale! Great way to finish our 1st headline US tour! ‪#upallnight‬ tour is done! Long 6 months but amazing! Thank you all soo much”

Harry tweeted the following:

“Last show of the tour tonight… Thanks to an amazing crew, and everyone involved for making it what it was. Tonight will be fun..”

Louis tweeted:

“Guys it been an amazing tour. Wow thank you so much to everyone! We love you! X”

Here’s a bunch of fan tweets to show the current feeling going round:

“@NiallOfficial OMG! I’m crying oceans, I do not believe the #upallnight tour ended, I’m proud of you! xx”

“6 months of touring, more than 50 shows in 46 cities and 10 countries, the Up All Night Tour has finally ended. We are so proud of you 1D.”

“The Up All Night tour may be over, but it has given us memories that we will remember forever.”

“The roller coaster that is the Up All Night tour has come to a complete stop.Please unbuckle your seat belts & exit the ride.Enjoy your day!”


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