Zayn Malik & Niall Horan gives dating advice

One Direction mates Zayn Malik and Niall Horan have some helpful hints on relationships and on breaking up with a girlfriend—and who better to take such advice from than members of the most popular boy band around? But do you think at their tender ages, their advice is all that relevant?

According to a report from Independent Woman, the advice is definitely aimed toward young men in the One Direction demographic—young, naïve and incredibly cute. The cute part saves them from being pummeled by the girls they break up with.

Zayn suggests guys tread lightly when breaking up with a girl, so as not to come across as arrogant.

“Say ‘you don’t want to ruin the friendship’ or whatever. There’s no point in leading someone on,” he says.

Niall found himself in the midst of a potential break-up situation and accused of wrongdoing—but he hadn’t done anything wrong.

“I got accused of it once at a house party. Someone told her that I had got with another girl when I hadn’t. It didn’t go down too well,” he says.

And while he didn’t offer any advice about getting out of that situation, he likely is beyond careful now when attending such gatherings.

Harry Styles chimes in with his advice on break-ups, too. His, however, is a bit more unconventional than Zayn’s.

“I told someone I was gay once,” he says.

And, yes, that likely was all it took to end that relationship, provided the partner wasn’t another gay male.

It’s pretty likely that the One Direction guys won’t hit the best sellers list if they decide to write their own book on relationship and break-up advice—however someone might try out either Zayn Malik or Harry Styles’ method of calling a relationship quits. Whether that’s advisable or not remains to be seen. Fans are urged to proceed at their own risk, however!

What do you think of Zayn, Niall and Harry’s relationship and break-up advice?


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