A new One Direction song to be released in September

There are rumours flying around the internet that the name of the first single to come from the new album will be ‘Heartbreaker’ or ‘Heartbreakers’, and will be released in November. Niall quashed the gossip when he spoke with MTV, saying: “It’s not true at all. We actually don’t even have a song called ‘Heartbreaker’. That’s not gonna happen”

Talking recently about the album, he also said:

“When we came back from Australia, we had a couple weeks off and then we went straight into the studio to get cracking on the next album. We wrote an absolutely cracking song that we’re all kind of very excited about.”

Several sites have been reporting that the name of the new single is true, but alongside Niall’s comments, a spokesperson for 1D said:

“The single name and release dates listed are false and it is too early to release any details on the forthcoming sophomore album to be released later this year.”

Analysing the gossip, it’s plain to see that November would be far too late a release date for a new single, with September being much more realistic. This would also tie in with the launch of ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ last September.

Niall added:

“We’ve got to make a decision for a single soon, because we have to get a single out towards September… We want to have the most control that we possibly can of everything that we do.”

Whatever the name of the new song, we CAN’T WAIT TO HEAR THE FREAKIN’ THING!


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