Vanessa Hudgen Show Off Her Butterfly Tattoo In New Blog Post!

Vanessa Hudgens wrote; ” So most of you know about my obsession with butterflies (hence my tat). There’s so much symbolism with butterflies… their beauty, their freedom, their metamorphism – LOVE them! Well a friend recently told me about theMonarch Trail in Santa Cruz, California. Every October the Monarch butterfly migration heads up North to Santa Cruz and provides a temporary home to over 100,000 Monarch butterflies. ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND butterflies. I die! So, naturally, my curiosity was sparked and I am now on a mission to plan a road trip to visit these beauties. Work can become a lil’ cray so I wanted to start the planning now!

I heard about the new search experience with Bing. When I do a Bing search, I get much more than just search results – I get results from my social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. So in other words, when I search Santa Cruz, I can see a list of friends who have checked in at Santa Cruz, lived in Santa Cruz, have photos of Santa Cruz, or mentioned Santa Cruz on Facebook. Pretty much this translates to: planning this trip is going to be super easy. Holler!”

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