The One Direction boys looking forward to vacation!

In between playing the final shows on their U.S. tour and heading into the studio to work on their sophomore album next month, One Direction will get some time off. Mind you, it’s just enough time for them to rest up at home before they embark on recording sessions and business meetings and prep for their 2013 world tour.

Niall Horan recently explained to MTV News that he’s already got an idea of how he wants to spend his vacation. “We’ve got 10 days off and [I’m] just literally just going to chill,” he said. “A couple of my friends are coming to London and we’re just gonna chill for the week. We very rarely get time off, so it’s good to be able to just relax for a bit. We’ve been all going since February, really.”

But unlike most people on a summer break, Niall really has to plan out his downtime, since most everywhere he goes pandemonium ensues. “You have to go about it the right way,” he said. “Obviously it’s not just the case of ‘Oh, I’m gonna go to this place for lunch.’ You have to think about it for a bit. You can do all the regular things, it just becomes a struggle.”

And if you think he might be exaggerating, well, he relayed a story about a recent trip to the mall. “For example, the other day I wanted to go to Lids to buy a hat when we were in Atlanta,” he recalled. “And I was in there with two security guys and I got absolutely mobbed in the mall. There were like, two or three hundred girls following me around the shopping center. Them kind of things. It’s not the most convenient for everyone, but it’s all good. It’s all a part of what we do. If it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t be here.”


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