Louis Tomlinson’s Mum Wants Him To Marry Eleanor!

Oy Mrs Tomlinson, please stop marrying off your son – we hope you know there’s a queue about 10 GAZILLION girls long, ok? Louis’ younger sisters Daisy and Phoebe have named their pet hamster after Eleanor Calder, and it seems that his family are all very close to her.

Joannah Tomlinson tweeted the following:

“@drdeakin How cute is our new little hamster? She was named ‘Eleanor’ by the twins @EleanorJCalder”

To which Eleanor replied:

“@JayTommo @drdeakin Haha! Cute! Can’t wait to meet her :) xxx.”

Whilst Louis has been busy touring the USA with One Direction, the rest of the family have had time to bond, and a fan tweeted Johannah (known as Jay):

“@JayTommo it would be perfect if @EleanorJCalder was your daughter-in-law xx”

With her tweeting straight back:

“@elounorph @EleanorJCalder Yes it would :) x”

Aww, how sweet. Your mother marrying you off on Twitter. Isn’t it great being a celebrity and having your entire private life watched by millions, lol :)


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