Perrie’s mom supports relationship her daughter has with Zayn Malik!

Usually when your mother starts singing your praises about your new boyfriend it’s either a sign that the relationship is serious, or perhaps a curse. Zayn and Perrie are now a confirmed item, though the pair are on an enforced break at the moment due to touring and promotional obligations for both groups.

Speaking with the Sunday Sun about Zerrie, Debbie said:

“They make a lovely couple. I really hope they make a go of it. I’ve been to his house and met the two of them with his mum and his three sisters, and I think they’re really good for each other.”

Perrie’s Mum said that she met Zayn during an X Factor video shoot last year but only hooked up seriously when he arrived back from 1D’s first US tour in April.

Debbie added:

“They’ve always kept in contact with phone calls and texts, and decided to take the next step a few months ago. Their first date was at the cinema. It was a lovely date but I don’t think Perrie could relax and enjoy it because she was so worried they were going to get spotted. It’s a difficult world for them to have a relationship but I really hope it works out for them, and hope they come to the North East together soon.”

Perrie is busy with the rest of her Little Mix band-mates getting ready to launch their first single, newly entitled ‘Wings’.



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