Miley Cyrus: “Homophobia is a Social Disease”

– Earlier Miley was spotted spending a little quality time with her furry friend in Hollywood (June 2nd). The 19-year-old sported a pair of black short shorts with a black and white top and black boots as she and her pooch pal embarked on a short stroll around her friends yard before hitting the road together. Also included in Miley’s ensemble was a blue pin with white lettering containing a slogan reading, “Homophobia is a Social Disease”.

Tweeting about the accessory by writing “my favorite accessory of the day. #stopspreadinhate,” Miss Cyrus soon received a message from a follower who posted, “@MileyCyrus It’s Not Hate, It’s What’s Right”

To this, Miley offered up a chastising reply, as she told, “well that’s sacrilegious cause your not god & he says he is the only one to judge. #showlove&showgodslight”

The back and forth ended with a response to Miley’s tweet, as her follower named Tanya shot back, “@MileyCyrus Obviously I’m Not God. God Made Adam & Eve, Not Adam & Steve (: Oh & You’re*


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