Louis Splashes Out On A $3.8 Million House In London!

All five boys are already set up for life with the money they’ve made from being in One Direction so far, and now Louis has decided he needs a place of his own. Louis’ new four-storey luxury pad is in North London, and speaking with The Sun, a source said: “Louis’s purchase may seem extravagant but it’s a safe investment. The property is relatively new and given its location it is unlikely to lose value. He’s got his head screwed on so he will keep it in good nick.”

The house is said to have FIVE bathrooms, SIX bedrooms and FOUR reception rooms, a swimming pool & spa, along with a huge garden perfect for throwing the odd BBQ or two.

Aww, we want an invite!

The source added:

“Louis isn’t the sort who’ll throw a house party and let his friends wreck the place.” If his mates are invited to a house-warming do, there are plenty of toilets for them to be sick in.”

We wonder whether Eleanor Calder will be moving in with Louis, or will it will be a pure lads paradise? At least for the time being, anyhow – (that’s before Louis settles down and has kids!)

The house beats the $885,000 that Harry splashed out on his flat in East London a while back.



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