The One Direction Movie? Or Romeo And Juliet?

It’s been heavily rumoured for the last few months, ever since 1D burst on the global pop music scene taking the mantle of HUGEST BOYBAND, LIKE EVER. Sadly, nothing has been announced yet regarding an official film, but the boys have been discussing another passion of theirs – namely ‘romantic movies’.

Speaking with The Sun, Harry said:

“Movies are something we would consider. But it would have to be what we want.”

He added:

“We would love to do Romeo And Juliet, as depicted by One Direction, and we should play the parts — Niall would be Juliet!”

Talking about which actors would play them if any future movie on their life story was made, Harry said that Orlando Bloom would be his choice, whilst Liam chose the muscular Taylor Lautner.

Liam tweeted Taylor a while ago asking for advice in the gym. We wonder if they’ve worked out together yet? :)

Leonardio DiCaprio was Louis’ choice, whilst Niall chose Tom Felton – who plays Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films.

Zayn interestly chose Louis to play him. Wierd.

Anyway, we’d much prefer to see 1D playing themselves, so lads, please stop this tomfoolery and just get a move on with the goddamn movie, ok!



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