One Direction’s Harry Styles To Shave Off Curly Hair?

– Harry Styles has revealed that he wants to shave off his famous curly hair. According to The Sun, the One Direction heartthrob is ‘desperate’ to cut his luscious locks.  During an interview with BBC Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw, the 18-year old confessed: “I want to shave my hair off, and no one will really let me.” Be sure to LISTEN to the interview below

“Everyone’s telling me not to do it. And my argument is, like, I think my popularity is in my face, and not my hair.”

And of course this was all a joke. He is not seriously getting his hair cut!

you can listen to the sarcastic interview HERE.


4 responses to “One Direction’s Harry Styles To Shave Off Curly Hair?

  1. WHAT noo your hair is so beatiful like that why why would you do something like that to me to you but if you really really want to it’s your choice but don’t shave it off for someone that doesn’t really matter plz

  2. omg if you were gonna shave your head off i would like scream till i lost my voice thank G** that you were just joking…releved

  3. Harry styles psha how can you cut your hair you’re a show of a mature person would keep it to themself and cut it without anyone knowing I love. You but you are a big fat ****head ok ok sies

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