Scissor Sisters: ‘Harry Styles Might Be Gay’

We saw Harry Styles visited you while you were shooting the music video.. Babydaddy told DS: ‘He’s a friend of a friend who brought him along to the shoot. We’ve hung out a couple of times. He’s a lovely guy but honestly, I couldn’t sing a word of a One Direction song.’

Del: ‘I didn’t even know who he was!’ Babydaddy: ‘He’s just a friend! It’s British pop and they’ve kind of exploded everywhere. It wasn’t made for us. A lot of girls were telling us to get our gay paws off him. There were some gay rumors around which was funny. I mean, in a boyband, the odds are pretty strong..’



One response to “Scissor Sisters: ‘Harry Styles Might Be Gay’

  1. Umm…..I am a huge fan of Harry! Most people think British people are gay, because they are more feminine than other countries! Keep in mind, Harry and louis joke around!!!!!! So how would people know? They don’t know everything about them!!!

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