One Direction Talk Their Second Album, And An Eminem Colab!

The 1D boys spent some time recording at a Swedish studio a few weeks ago, laying down ideas for their follow up to ‘Up All Night’ – which is pencilled in for a release late this year. The highly anticipated sophomore album is set to catapult the band into the stratosphere, so the boys want to make sure it’s as good as it can be.

So far, collaborations have been rumoured with just about every artist going, but here’s another one to throw in the mix.

Talking with, Niall said:

“It would be weird if we did something with Eminem. You have to think outside the box! Can you imagine One Direction and Eminem? That would be hilarious.”

The Irish star added:

“We’re writing as much as we can for this one. There’s one song in particular that we’re really happy with and we’re recording it very soon. ”We’ve got a bit of time to get the album done so we’re putting as much into it as possible. We’re trying to keep the same sort of sound as before but create even better songs than the last one. There’s always pressure on the second album – this one has to be the big one.”



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