One Direction’s Liam And Niall Get Mobbed In Manhattan (video)

–  One Direction played two amazing concerts at the Beacon Theatre in New York on Saturday, but they had to battle through hundreds of screaming fans whilst enjoying a day off in Manhattan yesterday. The band were left a little worse for wear with reports of their hair and clothes being pulled at by some desperate fans.

Niall took to Twitter to say: “This is a complete joke. Ridic. Day off, wana chill.”

Liam followed up with a blunt: “That wasn’t even funny.”

The boys had decided to do a bit of afternoon shopping, but were less than impressed when they were quickly surrounded by a sea fans.

Here’s a few selected tweets from fans:

Feel bad for the one direction boys today. No one deserves to bemobbed #defensivedirectioner

wow really some fans mobbed liam and niall jfc this is why i hate the one direction fandom

One Direction are world famous now, obviously they’re get incidents where they get mobbed etc, it’s what part of being famous..



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