Harry Styles doesn’t understand why people think he’s into cougars

– Harry Styles was in a relationship with Caroline Flack, 15 years his senior older, he has a crush on Sofia Vergara and Michelle Obama: ‘I don’t know where the cougar thing came from to be honest. I don’t know why people got that impression.’ On Emily Atack:

I don’t know where anyone got the idea that she’s my girlfriend. We’ve only met a couple of times, we’re friends. I didn’t even kiss her. ..I’m single. Happily single.’ Niall: ‘Yes, I’m very happily single.’ When asked if having a girlfriend while touring was a big no no, Niall replied: ‘We don’t really get much time, that’s really the main reason.’

Zayn Malik: ‘I’m not good at speaking to girls, I’d rather get their number and text them. Since being in 1D I’ve only asked out one girl and I’m still with her!’ Source told HEAT: ‘Although Zayn says he’s really into her, it seems Perrie is the more smitten of the two.

She spends a lot of her time in the UK while Zayn is globetrotting with One Direction. They have promised to be faithful to each other when they’re on tour.. Perrie is more worried than Zayn. She knows that One Direction have a huge female fan base and girls are throwing themselves at the boys on a daily basis. Zayn has assured her nothing will happen while he’s away.’



One response to “Harry Styles doesn’t understand why people think he’s into cougars

  1. Hey liked her!!! I mean you can look up.He probably didnt date her, I mean they probably did that to get attention! He said he does not care for age!!! He said he would even date a thirteen year old!!!

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