One Direction Blasted As “Five Little Dicks”

Directioners, this might annoy you a little bit, but Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn and Niall have been called “five little dicks” by Tom Meighan from fellow British band Kasabian. Tom opened fire on the boys when he was discussing Kasabian’s attempts to crack the lucrative US market.

Speaking with Gigwise, he said:

“It’s frustrating when you see five little dicks like that take over America, it’s horrific but you’ve just got to get on with it. They’re a boyband for God’s sake and there will always be room for boybands. They’re kids. Let them eat the candy.”

Tom added:

“We went to America and it was a harsh f*cking tour we did. We did nearly eight weeks out there and it was fucking gruelling. It was the hardest we’ve ever been pushed. We did well, we won the war on terror on that one. We’ve got to keep going back and back.”

The comments are unlikely to go down well with 1D fans, and might even scupper Kasabian’s own plans over in the big pond. Alternatively, they could boost their profile – especially as they’re competing in the much different indie sector.

You can visit Kasabian’s official Twitter page here.

Whether it’s jealousy, spite or just a promotional opportunity that prompted his outburst, we don’t quite know.

However there will no doubt be a Twitter backlash today!



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