Miley Cyrus deletes her twitter picture after 5-10 seconds.. why?

– Earlier, Miley Cyrus uploaded a picture onto her twitter account but shortly removed it. There were only a small amount of people who saw it (thank god for the ‘save’ button on pictures). A lot of people were confused to WHY she deleted this picture, because honestly it’s not that bad. 

After a few discussions in different forums, they’ve come to the conclusion that she might of removed it because she’s wearing a man’s shirt. Something that she might get a lot of hate for, because people would probably call her a whore and a slut for it. But what do you think?

thanks tumblr for the picture!


One response to “Miley Cyrus deletes her twitter picture after 5-10 seconds.. why?

  1. it’s more likely because you can clearly see her collarbones. she’s been getting so much crap for her weight reciently. she probably just didn’t want any more! the colour scheme doesn’t help. what with the grey usually used in films and stuff to indicate the disadvantaged and therefore less healthy (weaker and thinner) so that wouldn’t help with the weight issue people seem to have. her outfits have never seemed to be a problem to her before. remember that white jacket from not so long ago? or perhaps the one that was a little to revealing as she crossed the street? or well there’s a few examples out there over time (i don’t have a problem with any of them!) i figure it’s more because people might draw the connection of the way she looks in this pic and a pic she posted a while back (also on twitter) of a very very thin woman.

    this is just my opinion and i don’t know for sure. only miley knows the truth.

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