One Direction At The Patriot Center in Fairfax, Virginia (photos + videos)

The second concert on 1D’s brand new headlining tour took place last night at the 10,000 seater Patriot Center in Fairfax, Virginia. As usual, it was another HUGE, SELL-OUT gig, and the boys didn’t disappoint! I’ve found a couple of great vids filmed at some really cool angles, so you’ll get a different perspective of the concert.

Here’s the boys singing ‘Save You Tonight’:

And here they are again singing ‘Everything About You’: – (watch out for some loud screaming!)

and finally, some random pictures the fans took! thank you all for taking these pictures 🙂 sadly I don’t know who took them and therefore I can’t credit them :/

ps; if you’re wondering why they are wearing different clothes in some pictures is because they change outfits during the concert (probably because they sweat etc. I’m not sure haha!) 


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