Harry Styles split from his girlfriend Emily Atack

Speaking with The Mirror, 1D joker Louis was asked which member of 1D pulled the most during their recent US and Australia tour, and he answered: “Do I even need to say who? I think it would be completely and utterly unfair to single out girls in that way, or put it like that.”

“But… if you were to put it like that, I think it would – possibly – be… Harry. Do we keep a tally? No, we do not! That’s hideous.”

Louis was then grilled about the topic of Harry and Emily Atack, and whether they were still together.

He said: “No, no…”

Directioners, Harry is BACK ON THE MARKET!

With One Direction now back on US shores, perhaps it was a mutual decision from both parties, with Harry realising he wouldn’t have much time to for Emily.

Many fans were left broken-hearted yesterday when photos of Zayn snogging Perrie emerged, so the news that curly haired lothario Harry Styles is now single again will be music to Directioners’ ears.

Zerrie are now a confirmed celeb couple, and fans are currently split on whether to accept Perrie into the fold in the same way that Danielle and Eleanor are.



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