Did Harry Styles punch a paparazzi in the face last night?

Last night, I started seeing rumors on Twitter and Tumblr that Harry had punched someone. Alleged details started to come out via Yahoo! Answers and other sites with crowdsourced info; Tumblr user harrysnostrilcave sums up the main points:

So Harry was apparently drunk to the point where he couldn’t walk straight and the guy was a paparazzi and Harry punched him. I guess the police are now searching and investigating the boys… (someone could get arrested). But I highly doubt anyone will, he just got punched not stabbed…

The majority of fans figure that this is all hearsay, since the boys didn’t confirm it. (Also, there was a similarly frenzied rumor some time ago about Harry streaking through an airport. That boy gets a lot of fake press.) Apparently the tweet originated with someone called @nouseh, but that account has since been suspended. The last I heard of all this, someone on Tumblr had cracked a variation on the Mean Girls joke: “Harry Styles punched me in the face. It was awesome.”



One response to “Did Harry Styles punch a paparazzi in the face last night?

  1. What is wrong with people!!!! Harry probably waved high!!!! Paparazzi edit stuff all the time!!!!!!

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