New rare pictures of One Direction in Boston (photos under)

– The One Direction boys arrived in Boston (USA) earlier, because they are having a concert. Check out these fan taken pictures of them in Boston! More pictures below the cut..

picture source.


2 responses to “New rare pictures of One Direction in Boston (photos under)

  1. i love one direction
    so much i care for them i pray ever night that they have a great day and are health all the time i am there number one fan!!!!!!

    • I some times will look up on how one direction is doing and i saw this video of harry saying that why people don’t like him i saw that and it made me cry i hope harry reads this cause i saw a note on Facebook and there was a boy saying he hates one direction and harry but the only thing that i saw was that this boy hated Harry because his girlfriend fell in love harry and there music that is so lame getting mad at someone he dose not even know very well I’m just letting Harry know he has more fans than the who hate harry is so loved the people who don’t like them just go away god just leave them alone what did they do to you I am A NUMBER 1# FAN!!!!!!!!

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