Apparently Harry Styles got a new girlfriend named Emily Atack!

Another week, another new love for Harry Styles we’re sorry to report, and this time friends of Harry are saying its seriousEmily Atack, star of The Inbetweeners and Dancing on Ice, has supposedly been dating Harry since One Direction returned from Australia, and at 22 she’s much nearer to Harry’s age than his ex Caroline Flack and all the gadzillions of women he’s recently been linked with.

Emily Atack from The Inbetweeners

Speaking with The Sunday Mirror, a source said:

“They’re perfect for each other, they really are. They’ve been getting to know each other and keeping things quiet but they’re close. Harry has always had a crush on her and hoped he could get it together with her and they eventually did.”

If the rumours are true, then Emily will have to say goodbye to Harry for a few weeks as they dash off to America to start their debut headlining tour.

The pair are said to be besotted about each other, and the source added:

“Harry is spending so much time out of the country he finds it hard to settle down and make a long-term relationship work,’ the friend added. But he really likes Emily. She’s thinking about going to see Harry during the tour and they’ll be speaking to each other all the time.”

Interestingly, Emily tweeted over two years ago about Harry, saying:

“Does Harry from One Direction HAVE to be 16?! Let’s pretend he’s 18 at least! Then there would only be One Direction he would be going… to the bedroom!”



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