Miley Cyrus on her first sex scene with Douglas, “I hadn’t shaved my legs”

In rom-com LOL, the 19-year-old pop star-turned-actress has a bedroom scene with Brit Douglas Booth. And Miley wasn’t taking any chances in her preparation for the steamy moment, confessing she made special trips to the gym to boost her BOOBS. Asked how she got ready for it she said: “Breath mints, stomach crunches, spray tan. Plus workouts to make my boobs look bigger, perk them up.”

The pair didn’t know each other but had to get intimate almost as soon as they met.

Miley recalled: “It was the first scene we shot together. First day, and it was the sex scene. I forgot to shave my legs. I was in the trailer and I was like, ‘Give me a razor, quick’.

“It was really funny having someone lie with the camera and saying, ‘OK, put your leg in your hand. Can we see movement?’.”

But Miley’s nerves soon vanished — because kissing 19-year-old former Burberry model Booth, she confessed, “Could be worse”.

She added: “He’s gorgeous. He’s like one of the coolest dudes ever. He’s really funny. We called him ‘Princess’ because he has a very posh English accent. It seems like old Shakespeare or something.

“We went out on a boat and he’s got his shirt tucked in perfectly. I said, ‘How do you look perfect? We’re all sweaty and gross and laying out and you come in here and look like a perfect model — which you are’.”

Miley isn’t shy when it comes to talking about her own sex life either — admitting that her “first time” made her think differently.

She said: “I think it does change you as a person a little bit because you start thinking maybe that’s what guys want from you.

“It is a big part of growing up because it opens a whole new connection — and heartbreak.”

The daughter of singer Billy Ray Cyrus, who had a huge hit in 1992 with Achy Breaky Heart, Miley has come a long way since making her name in US children’s TV show Hannah Montana.

Playing the schoolgirl singer, she was a poster girl for teens across the world. But it wasn’t long before she began to court controversy.

She drew criticism from the parents of her fans for posting racy pictures of herself online, as well as posing seemingly topless for Vanity Fair magazine aged just 15.

Shortly after her 18th birthday pictures were leaked of Miley smoking from a bong. And on her 19th she was captured on camera, saying: “You know you’re a stoner when your friends make you a Bob Marley cake. You know you smoke way too much f***ing weed.” And despite leaving school aged 12 and moving to Los Angeles, Miley thinks her experiences are just like most teens.

She said: “Just because I wasn’t at school doesn’t mean I didn’t get my heart broken and meet people and have friends betraying me and bullies and mean girls.

“That all still happens no matter where you’re experiencing it. Any time there was drama, instead of it being on Facebook it was on AOL, Google or whatever it was.

“I think teenagers can relate to me more than they actually think.

“In a sense, you can’t do anything without people commenting or saying whatever they feel you did wrong and pointing the finger.

“I never said I’m perfect. I never wanted to be. That wasn’t my selling point, because I want people to like me for me. I think my true fans really do still feel that way.”

Miley is dating Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth and admits she is similar to her LOL character Lola, taking control of the relationship by asking the 22-year-old out for their first date. She said: “I’m probably more gutsy than any guy. I think I asked my boyfriend out the first time. Three years later, it’s all good.

“I did a good job. Even my grandma thinks he’s a hottie — she said he reminded her of the guys she used to write letters to during the war. He’s really awesome.”

LOL — out on June 1 — is a twist on the rom-com style, with the traditional trials and tribulations of a typical teen romance made worse by the perils of technology such as social networking.

Such sites have given Miley both benefits and complications in her personal life.

She said: “It’s good to have Twitter for work. It’s nice I can say, ‘Hey I’m working with this producer, I’m interested in this film’.

“But it’s also hard because I don’t put up what I’m really doing at the time. Like when I am with my family and my dog — otherwise it can lose you any bit of privacy.”

And that sense of privacy is something Miley is keen to keep if she ever becomes a parent, having been inspired by Demi Moore — who plays her mother in LOL. Miley said: “One thing she did that I loved was, when she first had a baby, she went and lived on a farm because she wanted to raise her family somewhere other than LA.

“Later down the line, that’s something that is really important to me. I don’t necessarily want to have a family in LA. It’s a war zone.

“When I got home from filming I bought a house in Nashville. It is my sanctuary and I make it a place that I don’t have to leave besides to go to the grocery store.

“I have now four dogs. I love being home with my pets. I don’t really want to leave.

“Demi really taught me to have that place, have that one place that’s yours.

“Now, especially with what Liam’s going through with Hunger Games, it’s like we both have our own little piece of heaven. No one can come here, no one can talk about us, no one can judge us.

“This is for whatever we want to do and whoever we want to be with and for each other.”


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