Justin Bieber surprises a fan at prom, Beliebers on Twitter are hating

Virginia teen Cady Eimer has been campaigning onhttp://onelesslonelyprom.comto convince Justin Bieber to escort her to her high school prom sinceFebruary 2011– the dance was this weekend, and while Justin Bieber couldn’t show up in person, he did the next best thing and surprised her with a video message played at the dance…and an invitation for her and her sister to join him tomorrow at the Billboard Awards in Las Vegas.

Here’s a picture of Cady & friends at prom yesterday night:

Aaaaaand how do Beliebers on Twitter feel about this fan’s good fortune?
• A) Happy for her! She’s a fan just like them and caught a lucky break!
• B) Proud to stan such a flawfree child who so appreciates the fans who got him here~
C) Crying from jealousy, cyberbullying the shit out of @cadyeimer’s twitter account, and vindictively grabbing at an opportunity to trash-talk Selena

If you picked “C,” then…



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