One Direction £14,000 Phone Bill!

 One Direction ran up £14,000 in mobile phone bills, reports The Mirror. During recent tours of North America and Australia as they logged on to Twitter and Facebook, as well as phoning and texting home: ‘Like most teenagers, the boys are obsessed with all things social media. They’re also encouraged to tweet by management to keep them interacting with fans but Niall and Liam in particular got pretty homesick during their travels and regularly called home.

When the bills landed on their doormat, the guys were utterly stunned and slightly devastated thinking they’d have to fork out themselves. In the end they got called in for a meeting and given a lecture on finances, and how to handle their money. It is vital wealth does not go to their heads. Their bills got signed off and the boys will not be making the same mistake again.’ Since coming third on the X Factor in 2010, they have each earned around £400,000 but will be instant millionaires when royalties are paid out in 2013.


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