Topix Media Labs presents One Direction in new magazine! (photos)

At the One Direction source, they said, “We got an awesome opportunity to be included in this new magazine all about One Direction!” Inside the magazine are exclusive photos and stories, such as:

-One D Hits New York—we tailed the boys for an entire weekend while they were in NYC for SNL…we even got photos of their unfinished room service

-Ultimate 1D Fan Survey…we surveyed 1000 Directioners about their fandom. See how you measure up!

-How to get a RT from 1D–Guaranteed

-Exclusive Fan Sign Ideas

-The First Ever 1D Awards

-Which 1D Hottie is right for you?–a QUIZ survey that will tell you definitively, which member of the band is your perfect match

and more!!

Get your copy Tuesday (5/22) on newstands near you! (CVS, Walgreens, Barnes & Nobles, Target)


Remember to click on the pictures for the full size!


4 responses to “Topix Media Labs presents One Direction in new magazine! (photos)

  1. This magazine was horribly mean spirited, and unfair for any ‘teen’ issue. The comments said about Caroline Flack were cruel and unusual. I was not happy with their relationship, but to be as rude to call her a goat? Even the over all manor of this issue was not a good message to send out to teens like me. Telling me to send hate mail to fans of The Wanted? If this was your attempt to being relatable, it failed horribly.

  2. Disgusting article on Caroline Flack. Gutter level journalism aimed at impressionable kids. It encourages bitchiness and bullying. I’d be embarrassed to be associated with the article.

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