Miley talks New Music, Album, Love and Diet in New Interview

In a recent serbian magazine called Bravo Girl there was an article with a interesting interview with Miley. Miley talked about her new album,music, Liam and her diet.

Interviewer:You really look great,Miles! How’d you do that?

Miley:Thank you! Well, I made these results thanks to hard training and gluten-free diet. Doctors told me that I should avoid gluten, which i did! In fact, this diet is really simple, I just don’t eat wheat and bread. It was weird at the beginning but I got used to it.i mean, there are alot of other things to eat,like rice and corn, which i cant eat without problems.

I: You are allergic to gluten?
M: Yes, so this isn’t about weight anymore,i want to stay healthy. I reccomend everyone to avoid gluten ,you will sense changes on your skin right away! You won’t even wish to go back.

I: You were recently attacked by a blender recently i hear?
M: Yes (laugh). I really don’t have luck with those devices. I am okay now. Nothing bad, but I always turn out clumsy when it comes to those things, haha!

I: You train hard,which exercises do you do?
M:I became addicted to Pilates.It’s really great! Exercises last for an hour and a half with a break of course. I feel alot better after it!After all the stuff i have to do, Pilates comes like a rest to me. And yeah i forgot to tell-i run in the morning!

I: You are working on your new album, can you tell us a bit about that?
M: Yes, I am happy to be working on a new album. I would like to thank all my crew in the studio, it’s not easy for them to cope with me while I’m recording (laugh)

I:Can we know something about it?
M: Let it be a secret, but i can tell you that it is going to be a dance,pop,r&b mix with few songs to cry with.

I:Are you romantic?
M:yes,can’t you tell!?

I:What do you think of “The Hunger Games”?
M:It’s an awesome movie, I watched it a hundred times by now!I Can’t wait for the sequel, Liam did a great job with Gale I am proud of him!

I:How do you deal with distance with him?
M: HARD! It was hard for him and me and also his brother while he was away filming “THG”

I:We saw you got an expensive diamond ring! Are you planning on getting engaged?
M: NO! It’s an old family ring which was worN by my grandma! I love that,old,romantic,”Titanic” style!



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