Harry Styles’ mom Anne Cox reveals his bedroom secrets

Harry’s mum Anne Cox says her 18-year-old son has always been untidy and she worries about the state of the flat he shares with his One Direction band mate Louis Tomlinson, 20.
‘In Harry’s bedroom there are clothes everywhere, posters from clothes shops, trendy things from catalogues,’ says Anne, 44.
‘He has a brown and cream colour scheme but the clothes are everywhere.
‘He’s pretty messy, it’s his worst habit.’

3 responses to “Harry Styles’ mom Anne Cox reveals his bedroom secrets

  1. hello im a friend of harry’s on facebook im a 12 year old girl i model for john casablancas modeling and career centers In tulsa,ok im a big fan of harry i look up too him he helps me thank about not giveing up on the dream that god call’s for me too do in life plzzz plzzz message me back

  2. Hi, I’m a very big fan of harrys, and I just wanted to also say that I plan on becoming a singer, too. I need a little encouragment to help me take on my dream. I have al ot of encouragment from my family and my church. But I do also believe that god already has a plan for my future.
    P.S. I might try to become an animal cop if my dream of becoming a singer doesn’t work out very well.:)

  3. thanks you for raising beautiful sweet charming lads i cant belive they made it this far i had faith in all the lads and i would like to thank them in person cause they inspired me not to give up on my dreams and keep going im going to be an amazing singer like the lads. xx

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