One Direction’s Harry Styles is offered a solo deal

Harry Styles has been offered a promotional deal in the US. He was flown out to Los Angeles to discuss filming some small parts which are believed to be worth ‘a lot of money’. A source said: ‘Harry has stacks of fans in America, it’s safe to say they absolutely love him. He’s been offered a big solo project, so he flew out to Los Angeles without the rest of the boy band. He’s been in America filming something. It may have been an advert or a film, I can’t say exactly what, but it’s worth a lot of money.

He’s a poster boy in the States. He has the perfect look, cute, British, well-spoken and girls love his curly hair. He’s a corporate company’s dream and a vast number of American firms want a piece of him. All sorts of companies are vying to have him promoting their products. His family have been joking he’ll be in the Rich List before long.’


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