Leona Lewis talks about Liam Payne from One Direction

Leona Lewis reveals she has taken One Direction under her wing after Liam Payne admitted he had a crush on her. The X Factor winner, 27, says she has been dishing out advice to the lads, whose success on the show follows in her footsteps. She describes the little tykes as “mad boys”, adding: “They’re having a lot of fun. I give them a little bit of advice sometimes. I tell them to enjoy it.”

But sorry, Liam. You haven’t a chance as she’s dating hunky German dancer Dennis Jauch and, at 18, you’re too young. “He’s sweet,” she says. “But they’re, like, two.” True.

Leona, whose new album is out this summer, says news of Simon Cowell’s relationships with Dannii et al “weren’t surprising” but he never tried it on. “He was never flirty with me at all,” Leona insisted, launching the Radio 1 and 1Xtra Academy, to coincide with the Hackney Weekend in June.

“He was more like an uncle.”

A pervy uncle?

“Ha! Not a pervy uncle,” she laughed, before pretending to heave.


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