‘The Vampire Diaries’: Did Elena choose the right Salvatore brother?

So much happened on Thursday’s Season 3 finale of “The Vampire Diaries,” but we’ll address most of it in a recap later on tonight. For right now, we need to talk about Elena’s big choice between Stefan and Damon. When faced with the choice of whether to say goodbye to Damon or to Stefan when their lives were on the line, Elena chose to turn back to Stefan— weighing, of course, the fact that he was also with Caroline and Tyler, who could die. She admitted that had it been only Stefan or Damon, she would have chosen Stefan name of setting Damon free. “I care about you Damon,” she said. “Which is why i’ve got to let you go.”

It was based on some advice that her mother gave her years ago, when she was feeling distanced from Matt.

Of course, given the final moments of the finale — which revealed Elena to be in transition to being a vampire — it’s a sure thing that we’re going to see a very different side to her next season. And there’s a good chance it’s a side of her that wants a love that “consumes” her.



One response to “‘The Vampire Diaries’: Did Elena choose the right Salvatore brother?

  1. No matter what happens, even if the whole next season her memories make her go between the two brothers again, her true love will always be Stefan. If anything, I just can’t see Vampire Elena ever really falling for Damon. He was just the closest thing to Stefan she had when he went off.

    I like Rebekah. I think she could easily turn into a good character. Both her and Damon have discovered their humanity but don’t want to give up the benefits of vampire-ism.

    If I were Elena……. Well, they’ve all killed enough people that they can both go to hell. But let’s say I don’t care about people being killed. Then I would choose Damon. Unless, I do care if people close to me get killed. Damon has killed Alaric, Jeremy, Bonnie’s Mom and he basically raped human Caroline.

    It was always going to be Stefan.

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