More info on Selena’s new movie “The Getaway” + 2 new pics!

Nominated for “Oscar” actor Ethan Hawke and music star Selena Gomez started filming the new action-thriller Warner Bros. “Escape” (Getaway) in Sofia, once a few days are in the capital, reported today, May 10, formally of “Nu Boyana Film”. Furthermore actor from films like “Gataka”, “Training Day” and “Big Expectations “and 19-year-old music star Gomez, who is part owner of” Oscar “and father of Angelina Jolie – Jon Voight.

few days ago a number of sites wrote that Hawk was seen drinking coffee in front of National Theatre, which immediately caused the interest of fans who recognized him. On Sunday, May 6, to “Grand Hotel Sofia” and had gathered a crowd of young boys and girls who chanted with placards in their hands the name of his favorite Gomez. new film directed by Courtney Solomon and are Yaron Levy, and Solomon with Moses Diamond and Chris Milburn is his producer.

The screenplay is by Greg Maxwell Parker and Sean Finegan. Hawke plays the role of tired of my life racing driver named Brent Magna. It was behind the wheel he was involved in the mission of life and death after his wife is kidnapped. His only ally is young hakerka (played by Selena Gomez) and his last hope to save his wife is to follow the instructions of the mysterious voice (played by Jon Voight), who follows his every move with cameras installed in his car. The technical team also production designer Nate Jones, editor Ryan Dyufriy costume designer is Irene Kocheva, reported by Bulgarian kinoekip. beginning of Getaway pictures will be placed in the capital, then they will continue in the U.S.

Seen through the found-footage POV of cameras mounted on a stolen muscle car, an ex-racecar driver and a bank president’s rebellious daughter must follow the orders of a mysterious voice who holds the driver’s wife hostage and forces them to instigate a massive police chase that clogs city streets, covertly forming the escape route for a high-octane heist.

Thanks apeshit_x!


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