Frankie Sandford: “Thanks to One Direction, we’re hoping for US success”

The Saturdays have plans to make a name for themselves in America. Frankie Sandford has confirmed they’re in talks for their own TV show across the pond – and hopes the popularity of other UK bands like One Direction is a sign the US is ready for them. ‘One Direction’s success has definitely opened doors,’ says Frankie, 23.

‘People like Adele and The Wanted have shown that Americans are embracing British music.

‘That’s especially the case with One Direction, being a little boy band.

‘It’s quite exciting really.’

1D made chart history in March when they became the first ever British group to go straight to No 1 in America with their debut album.

‘We have a lot of US artists in England so it is quite nice to have the Brits going over there,’ Frankie tells the Daily Record.

‘We’ll have to wait and see if The Saturdays can be a part of that.’


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