Miley Cyrus Getting Picked up at her Pilates class (photos under)

After her routine Pilates class, Miley Cyrus was spotted running the passenger door of a white car in the parking lot of Winsor Pilates on Wednesday afternoon (May 9). The 19-year-old star jumped for joy and was clearly excited to see the individual driving. The former Disney diva was barefoot wearing a pair of tight yoga pants after her class in West Hollywood, CA. Be sure to check out more photo’s of Miley below! 

In other news, the “Last Song” actress recently fired back at a fan site tweeting, “@TeamMileyNY that’s not what I meant. I TOOK a break the past year to focus on whats important in life & that’s LIVING IT! But I’m back :)” in response to TeamMiley’s tweet, “Apparently Miley said she’s also taking a break from working to concentrate on herself.”

Miss Cyrus has been busy promoting her new film “LOL,” which opened up in nine states last Friday (May 4) and said, “It is a film I loved making and I am proud of…. That’s really all that matters to me.”



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