Louis Tomlinson on fans, “we’ve been touched in some unusual places”

– Louis Tomlinson’s told Daily Star that he’s been touched in strange places by fans: ‘Some would call our fans crazy, but we feel they are passionate. They do like to touch us and feel us, and it is a bit strange. Some of the lads have been touched in some unusual places. Our bodyguards can only do so much. Noone has sustained any injuries yet, but you never can be too careful.’ Zayn: ‘Sometimes passion can come across as something different.’

Source told HEAT that Harry Styles wants Caroline Flack back: ‘Harry wanted to see where the land lay. He’d been missing her and really wanted to see her. But Caroline played it cool and only replied, ‘Maybe.’ ..She’s in a good place and feeling sexy. She doesn’t want to risk that by getting back with Harry, because she knows it won’t last. She’s throwing herself in to her career and getting on with her life. Caroline was heartbroken by the split. Now Harry’s been linked to so many young pretty things, she’s saying, ‘I don’t want to be just another of Harry’s girls.’

His mom Anne Cox told The People: ‘It’s over with Caroline and Harry hasn’t got a girlfriend at the moment. There isn’t anybody on the scene for him right now. He’ll make a very nice boyfriend when he’s ready. He’s very romantic but doesn’t want to tie himself down at the moment. Harry is obviously very handsome or ‘fit’ as the girls would say.’

On Caroline: ‘I’ve never really thought whether it would be a problem. Personality is more important that anything else. I think the younger you are the more people will make of an age gap. If Harry was 20 years older there wouldn’t be an issue.’


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