Liam Payne reveals his cross-dressing past

One Direction singer Liam Payne has revealed a juicy little secret – he used to dress up in ladies’ clothes – but it wasn’t done out of choice. The boy band hottie has admitted that his three sisters used to gang up and make him wear girls’ garments including the odd pair of high heels…

“My sisters used to dress me… They used to try to influence my fashion a bit. Which you know… may have involved a heel or two,” he admitted to The Sun.

We bet the cheeky little scamp loved it!

Liam’s also admitted his sisters used to dub him “Cheesy Head” because he used to eat cheese flavoured crisps all day. We think he should possibly keep these secrets about his past to himself if he wants to hang onto his street cred!

Meanwhile it seems Harry Styles from the band might be branching out on some solo projects in the US, after reports emerged that the curly-haired singer flew out to Los Angeles without the rest of One Direction.

A source told the Daily Star : “Harry has stacks of fans in America, it’s safe to say they absolutely love him.

“He’s been offered a big solo project, so he flew out to Los Angeles without the rest of the boy band.

“He’s been in America filming something. It may have been an advert or a film – I can’t say exactly what – but it’s worth a lot of money.”


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