Apparently Niall Horan is secretly dating a girl named Ali McGinley?

Say hello to One Direction heart-throb Niall Horan’s beautiful new girlfriend Ali McGinley. Pop star Niall, 18, hooked up with the brunette while he was home in Mullingar, Co Westmeath, over the weekend. And smitten Ali, 17, admitted yesterday: “He genuinely may be one of the nicest men I’ve ever met. We’re close.”

The pretty schoolgirl posed with What Makes You Beautiful singer Niall several times during his recent trip back home. One photo of the cute pair shows Niall kissing her on the cheek, and in another they’re cuddled up in a chair together.

Ali has since been subjected to vile abuse from jealous One Direction fans commenting on her blog.

But there have also been messages of support left on her Tumblr site. One follower wrote: “hi, you’re BEAUTIFUL. And I’m so sorry you have to go through all of this s*** with Niall’s fans. Best of luck with all this.” Ali wrote back: “Hello love! Thank you thank you, he’s rather the stunner, huh? haha.” And when asked whether she is dating the teen star, Ali responded: “I can confirm that we’re both happy campers, nothing less nothing more x”.

A source revealed that sparks flew between the young pair straight away after they met while out and about in Mullingar. The insider said: “Ali and Niall are from the same town but didn’t really know one another until a few months ago. “Ali attends school in Alexandra College in Dublin and wouldn’t have known Niall from when they were younger. “He thinks she is gorgeous and she is pretty sweet on him too but Niall’s schedule means it would be pretty hard to have a relationship with anyone.”

As soon as news emerged of Niall’s new romance yesterday bitter trolls vented their abuse online. One vile comment posted on Ali’s personal blog read: “You’re actually pathetic, I dunno what Niall sees in you…. annoying c***.”

A shocked Ali responded: “Who p***ed in your cheerios? I’ve done nothing to you, I don’t see why you’ve got such a hate towards me?”

Just last week, the Irish Sun revealed how bitter internet users started false twitter rumours that his ex-girlfriend had died of cancer.

Pretty Holly Scally, who went out with him when he was just 16, was shocked at the stream of vicious tweets directed at her for simply being Niall’s ex.

And bandmate Harry Styles’ Irish love interest Sarah-Louise Colivet, 24, also had to stop using her Twitter account because of hate messages from envious fans.

Niall returned to the UK on Monday night after a long weekend with family and friends in his hometown.

Horan caught up with his Voice of Ireland coach pal Bressie and spent an evening at the Festival of Fires in the town on Saturday.

Niall ventured out in Mullingar once again on Sunday with some old school pals and posted pictures of himself partying the night away.

The teen is gearing up to head back to the US with his chart-topping band later this month. In March One Direction made history by becoming the first Irish or British group to have their debut album enter the American charts at No1. The band are also due back in studio this summer to begin working on their second album.



85 responses to “Apparently Niall Horan is secretly dating a girl named Ali McGinley?

    • Really? Are you serious?! Niall is famous big deal, Ali doesnt like him for his money. You are never going to get with him, you can fantasize about him but honey its never EVER gunna happen. Just because Niall has a girlfriend doesnt mean you have to hate doesnt Elenor and Danielle go through anough?!

      • I would agree with you. I think its no one’s business who Niall or any of the other guys choose to spend their time with. And if they are going to hold it over his head that he can get a girl as pretty as Ali, saying he’s a Hypocrite, thats just sad. he is a sweet carefree guy and he deserves to be happy and to be with a woman that is beautiful inside and out. thank you for standing up for him. I believe these concepts can not only be applied to this group but to anyone else who is famous. Just because someone is popular doesnt mean the public owns their souls and is given the right to have a say in their lives and who they chose to have relations with. It is a privilege that we are able to have as much access to their lives that we do already.
        A Naill Horan Directioner
        Ali is a lucky girl, I would be more than happy to be the one that gets to make Nail sandwiches =P

  1. I love Niall, and although–I admit–I’m a bit sad with this news I will support him in whatever things he do. Whatever makes him happy…makes me happy too 🙂

  2. NOOOO! Niall your breaking my heart here! But I just hope they aren’t dating….people usually exaggerate things too much.

    • Why is he breaking your heart??!! I LOVE Nialler, but really you’re never gonna get with him. Even if this is just a rumor.

      • You don’t have to tell people that they won’t ever get with Niall [or Harry]. It could happen. But people shouldn’t be mean to Niall’s [or Harry’s] girlfriend. If they’re true fans, they wouldn’t be mean.

  3. Well there goes my chances, I’m gonna go cry now. Please excuse me, I have a heart to mend. 😥
    Thanks Niall.
    I’m broken do you hear ME?
    Your blined cause ur a hypocrite. YOU said you like girls with natural beauty. Something you can’t seem to find. She has about a pound of make up on her face. Yea and that is sopposed to make fans feel better when they meet you. niall I am dissapointed. But thats ok, cause no body cares about my feelings anymore!
    A broken heart fan.

  4. dont hate on her just because she is with niall she is so pretty if u r a real fan u would support thhis relationship and my heart is also broken i cried for 4 hours when i found out but im happy for him and u should be to


  5. If Niall Is Dating Her, I’m Happy For Him! I Support Them But I’m Gonna Be Sad But I’m Not Gonna Go Crazy And Send Ali So Much Hate! I love Niall And Like I Said i WILL support Them!

  6. i’ll have to admit i am a little sad if they are dating but some people say they are not but either way i am happy for them.

  7. I’m happy that Niall is happy and I support him 100%, but I am disappointed with the statements he’s made about ‘natural beauty’ and here, we see this. This is clearly not natural beauty, if he really meant what he said, she would be wearing no makeup & not dressed up. Again, I love Niall & always will, but this hurts me just a bit.

    Disappoint, but devoted fan.

  8. Ali u r perfect for Niall. He looks super sweet. I would die to meet him for my 13th birthday. How is the relationship going. Have a good one Ali. Ily!

  9. I think it’s great that Niall has a beautiful girlfriend that he loves. As long as Niall’s happy, I will show my support for him and be Happy that he is. x

  10. ali is a pretty girl but
    my sis is much prettier as ali
    i think ali is strange and she is comical
    niall horan is so prety and sweet



    • Well dear you can take you hate somewhere else ali is individual and she seem super nice I hope niall and her are happy together and harry is not ugly hes AND he isn’t strange he’s mostly either hyper or being the person he is ur being VERY harsh so go take that stupid hate somewhere else k? thanks bye

      • You r so mean u shouldnt be saying anything about niall harry zayn louis or liam there all verry sweet so dont be talking like that and stop hating on ali elonor and ummm sorry i forget names fast daniell i think ok well u get my point

    • No one needs your hate here and there is no way ur sister is prettier than Ali cuz Ali is gorgeous! Harry is BEAUTIFUL!

    • I’m sorry but….have you ever even met Ali? Leave her alone. And leave Harry alone too because you probably haven’t ever met him either. If you have, deal with it.

    • Emma, that’s aliitle harsh, don’t you think? All they did is fall in love, and you have no right to talk about them that way as you don’t no them personally. I think that ur the idiot here, not them :L

    • Tour the idiot if zayn were reading this he wouldnt like itniether would niall i can admit that niall is very cute but i dont think we would get a chance anyway so why r u guys complaning and plus he likes this girllet them be love you niall as a fan though be happy forever

  11. I mean cmon leave them alone if they”like” one another then why should we judge I mean we get to choose who we want to go out with why can niall !….fyi I love niall aswell but its hish choice and if you really loved him you would stand by HIS decisions not what you think !well done ali

  12. I mean cmon leave them alone if they”like” one another then why should we judge I mean we get to choose who we want to go out with why can niall !….fyi I love niall aswell but its his choice and if you really loved him you would stand by HIS decisions not what you think !well done ali

  13. I am happy for him . Niall loves her and we need to suport him in every decision he makes even we don’t like it alot.

  14. I know I will never meet Niall but it still makes me sad. 😦 I will never send hate though. But in my opinion Niall is a bit of a hypocrite. I thought he was the one who didn’t go for the girls who look like models but I just keep seeing him in pictures with girls who look exactly like models, like Ali. Makes me disapointed..

  15. she is a very lucky girl and thats all i have to say but why would niall say he likes girls that dont wear make up and look at her and how much makeup she is wearing. i think niall is very lucky to and people shouldnt make hurtful tweets. people really get hurt and think of it as maybe being u, what if it was u being the one who was getting all of these hurtfull tweets. i no i wouldnt like it.
    would u?

  16. Niall i love you! and if ali makes you happy good foryou! and all those fans who keep hurting ali stop! how would you feel if tou were her and getting all those messages?!

  17. Poor girl. She’s gorgeous, why wouldn’t Niall want to date her? Who cares if he dates girls like her? Its his life….and a lot of people wear makeup. Ali isn’t the only one. 🙂

  18. Well I really don’t care who they date I mean I got to say she is really pretty and I’m sure she is pretty on the inside too. And I would rather be mates with their girlfriends then be so cold hearted enough to make her stop using her twitter. Some people are so jealous its funny we all know we will never get him. Oh yeah harry styles will always be sexy Emily!!!! All of them will….. I got more to say but I can’t think of it.

  19. My friend sent me this link knowing I am a directioner. But honestly I do not think it is ANY of our business he is a normal guy he should be able to have a loveing caring and trusting relationship like anyone else. So either if this is his girlfriend or not. I wish him luck. oh and btw stop hating her cause your so freaking jelous. She is beautiful.xoxo

  20. Yaaaaay! I hope she is Niall’s Princess, he’s water long enough! She is really pretty and I wish them the best of luck, only the true directioners could see that

  21. I agree with the pic Tht says how nialler likes natural women. Like Ik I’m never gunna get with the babe but seriously. I just think she wears WAY to much makeup for nialla “natural” girl.I love Niall and usually would support him but this pisses me off. I meen look at her! She looks like she should be on fuckin Jersey shore! She’s probably using him for fame! I really hope this is a romar.

  22. IT`S NOT ABOUT US GUYS IT`S ABOUT THEM!!!! We are just dreaming..
    Be happy, someday you say, i found my man.. en Niall is Ali`s man, so let them alone, if they dating or not, it doesn`t matter. Every fan things the same, about the dream that niall falls in love with you, but it never happend, maybe there is one girl, but do you know how many fans he has? I know.. A LOT!! And he moved on he can`t wait for girls like us.. So let them alone and look for your own future man, don`t stay in the same fairy-tale, you guys must also moved on! Maybe is your future man next to you.. you don`t know, but i wish you guys goodluck with your future man, i know you guys will find him 🙂
    And believe me i also love him hihi xx

    Sooo (Relieved)
    I hope this works guys 🙂

  23. really kind of upset still, but hey I’ll never be able to even meet the wonderful boys of ours. and even if I ever did, they wouldn’t fall in love with me or anyone of us. I guess we all just have to face the fact that we are just dreamers, fans, and supporters of their lives.

  24. niall i love sooo much, i wish i was the girl and all of those pictures but if youre happy snd your having a good time i wish you the best ali please make him happy i know you can!!love him please!

  25. I think you guys should leave her alone she didn’t do anything wrong and so what if they are going out Niall should be able to date whoever he wants

  26. Ok, to Be honest, none of you actually know her and yet you comment on her twitter, on this thing about her, calling her names and saying but I like Niall. Apparently you don’t if you make his life miserable by making him have to give up in the girls he loves, it’s truly sick reading this, they may be just close friends but if they tried to make it more you inconsiderate people that call yourselves fans of him call her names when shes truly not any of them. She made him happy, why can’t you just love her for making him happy? If you make fun of his girlfriends and you hate seeing him sad well knock it off abuse your making him sad as hell, this goes nothing of all the true fans that support them, the others thy don’t need to keep their mouth shut about his girlfriends.

  27. I love Niall I am happy if he is happy. I hope that fan girls treat Ali right. I hope this relationship can last and keep Niall happy<3 Ali is gorgeous and seems very nice Niall will treat her well.

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