One Direction fanbase cause big drama over kpop group winning an award

– The legendary kpop group Big Bang won in the Best Fan category at the 2012 MTV Total Request Live awards in Firenze, Italy, on Saturday.It was the first time an Asian artist had won the best fan award, which also nominated global pop star Avril Lavigne and popular British group One Direction.

Due to all this, a lot of One Direction fans (Directioners) have become upset. Some even sent negative comments on their music videos, or sending death treats to the BigBang fans (VIP’s). This is honestly really disrespectful, and I can honestly say I feel ashamed of those people who did that.

People left comments online saying:  “They’re starting to get crazy. Just like Beliebers.” and “BigBang’s fanbase (VIPs) won because they’ve been famous since 2006 and therefore have a bigger & better (?) fanbase!”

What is your thought about this?


3 responses to “One Direction fanbase cause big drama over kpop group winning an award

  1. oh!come on one directioner big bang win because they deserve it. for what they have now is all because of there hardwork,sacrifice and etc….there fame is not taken for granted they work there ass off just to have a big break .and here they are (one directioner ) who keep on bashing and criticizing and insulting bigbang as if they know them for decades .for me they act like a 3 years old kid who crying over his\her stolen candy shame on whoever send death treats to my oppas (go to hell ).i am a proud asian and v.i.p and kpoper .long live k pop >>

  2. Bigbang won because they definitely deserve it. I’m a directioner and a VIP as well. But i can see that most of the Directioners out there overrate 1D. Yes, they sing well.. And they’re charming. Plus, they sing the songs we thoroughly understand. However, when it comes to talent.. Bigbang obviously is way better. They can sing, dance and play instruments. They also compose their own songs (brilliant mind of GD oppa)


  3. OH. I FORGOT TO ADD. BIGBANG IS A TOTAL PERFORMER. After all the sacrifices and hardwork. They deserve it. They are so amazing in different levels. Even they perform separately or as a group.. HANDS DOWN!



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