Miley Cyrus’ LOL movie made $46,500 at the box office this weekend

– Miley Cyrus and Ashley Greene’s new film LOL has apparently made $46,500 at the box office this weekend. A few sites are reporting that the film failed and are placing the blame solely on Miley. They claim she “has a real image problem” which led to the film doing poorly.

It is unfair, and simply not true, that Miley’s “image” is the reason the film did not do well. There was absolutely no backing from Lionsgate for this film. None of the stars did any press, there wasn’t a premiere and I don’t believe there were any TV or print ads put into circulation for the film.

If it were not for Miley’s fans this film would not have gotten any coverage at all. Tons of fans took to several social media sites to promote the flick and some fans even handed out flyers in the few cities showing the film.

There is no doubt in my mind that if Lionsgate had released this on a different weekend (really the same weekend as The Avengers?!?!), promoted this film correctly, and released it to more than 105 theaters they would have made more than $46,500.

The so called, “failing” of this film has nothing to do with Miley or her image or her career, it has to do with Lionsgate pushing it to the back burner and setting it up for a loss before it even had a chance.



3 responses to “Miley Cyrus’ LOL movie made $46,500 at the box office this weekend

  1. AMEN!!! so true!! it is not miley’s fault!! and her acting wasnt that bad! she still have fans and that only matters here!

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