David Archuleta To Release New Album August 7

For anyone who’s been missing David Archuleta, I’m psyched to report that he is releasing a new album which will come out in August! 

As reported on his website,

“David Archuleta is pleased to announce the title and release date of his new album. The album is titled BEGIN., and is set for release in the US on August 7, 2012.

BEGIN. will be a mix of cover songs and original tracks. It is David’s fifth solo album after his debut record “David Archuleta”, the holiday album “Christmas From The Heart”, the sophomore record “The Other Side Of Down”, and the OPM album “Forevermore”.

Let the anticipation BEGIN. Keep checking back here regularly for more information on the new album, including international release dates.”


4 responses to “David Archuleta To Release New Album August 7

  1. YAY! New music from the gorgeous VOICE of David Archuleta! I am blessed to be a fan of this outstanding young man! Is it August 7th yet? 🙂

  2. David’s amazing. In the 10 weeks before his 2-year church mission he made sure he had stuff to leave for his fans. He was filmed as leading man in the 5-week Philippines miniseries Nandito Ako, recorded the album Forevermore in the Philippines and then recorded BEGIN. in the US right up to the day before his mission. He left so much for us. Of course I still miss David himself but I am waiting. Follow his DavidArchie twitter – while he’s on his mission his manager Kari updates it with news, treats and bits from David’s emails.

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