Who Will Be The First Member of 1D To Get Married?

Yeh I know it’s the news you’ll never want to hear – and we hope they ALL stay single for like, forever. But unfortunately, one of these days, a member of One Direction will find a lovely lady, settle down, and ultimately get married. Then they’ll have lots of kids, a cat and a dog, and maybe some guinea pigs too.

Anyhows, in a recent interview, the boys talked about who they think will get married first.

Liam said he would be the first, but then changed his mind and said: “Maybe Niall will just come in and…”

Louis interupted and said: “Yeah Niall would pull it out the bag. But he would tell us, he’s just come in one day and be like [in terrible Oirish accent] ‘Sure boys, I got married the other day’”.

Louis and Liam are the only members with long-term girlfriends so it could be them first.

Or perhaps Zerrie might jump in first with a Las Vegas wedding?



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